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  • My son is your number 1 fan. He is a very talented and very successful tattoo artist. Unfortunately, even though he had been clean for a significant number of years, a doc gave him some medication for bipolar episodes and he went off and put a bullet into a building. No victims but AZ gave him 10 years. Crazy! He works as a Peer Facilitator for NA inside, making good use of his time. He wants to know if you will ever have a magazine. If so, I will buy him a subscription :-) I plan to purchase your books and subscriptions when he gets closer to coming home and working in our shop that I plan on having set up. I send him some of your art for inspiration on a regular basis. He has his own style but you can see your style within his. How is that for admiration!? Thank you! Sharlene

    Sharlene Plescia

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