Reinventing the Tattoo Network Sponsorship
Reinventing the Tattoo Network Sponsorship
Reinventing the Tattoo Network Sponsorship

Reinventing the Tattoo Network Sponsorship

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Looking to build (more) trust with the world's leading tattooers, and those who look up to them? Now's the perfect time to join the Reinventing the Tattoo Network as we are now accepting new sponsors. 

Support a growing tattoo network of quality livestreams that attracts tattooers, apprentices, and industry supporters. Each new sponsor helps us level up our production, and attract more amazing talent. 

As opposed to social media or regular banner ads which stop when your budget does, branding on Reinventing the Tattoo Network shows do go away when the budget does. Each show, with your brand in the introduction, will be enjoyed by tattooers, apprentices, & industry professionals for decades to come. An investment now in Reinventing the Tattoo will return far longer than many other avenues that stop when payment does. We believe in longevity, and also, the RIT network shows are a primary way for us to raise awareness of our own projects. 

Sponsors Includes:

  • Featured 40 minute interview with Alex Van Dutch of World Tattoo Events or Gabriel Ripley of TattooNOW.
  • Mention in introduction of Reinventing the Tattoo Network shows:
    • Livestreams (4-6 livestream introductions a week)
    • Video replays (Youtube, Roku,
    • Podcasts (Apple, Spotigy, Amazon, etc)
    • Newsletters (Reinventing the Tattoo Email list 1x a month)
    • Blog Post (1x a month in blog/news feed (SEO friendly link))
  • Links in Youtube & Podcast descriptions
    • Your Samples/Marketing in Reinventing the Tattoo Sample Packs
    • High Value Giveaway Opportunities

    Check out the roku video!

    $600 a month. Link with $1000 discount thanks to World Tattoo Events! Discount added automatically at checkout.

    Extra packages include exclusive Inspiring.Tours ticket(s), Dedicated channel for your content on, and "in real life" event brand coverage.

    Some Stats as of last year (as of June 1, 2022). 

    Youtube: 116,700 views with 17 minutes average watch time) (23,700 live views with 16 minute average duration). 13,200 watch hours. + 1.2k subscribers.

    Podcast: 16,857 episode downloads. 

    Newsletter: 12,000 recipients